01. Please hand in an [outline] of your essay before you actually begin writing it so I can see if you have the right idea about how to organize your ideas.
02. The marketing executive [outlined] his new sales strategy at the weekly staff meeting.
03. The governor will [outline] his plans to reduce unemployment at a news conference tonight.
04. She was wearing a black dress [outlined] with gold lace.
05. The wolves were standing on the hill, [outlined] against the evening sky.
06. The press was given an [outline] of the highlights of the speech ahead of time.
07. Your teacher will give you an [outline] of the course in the first week of classes.
08. Let me [outline] for you our plans for the project.
09. There was an [outline] of a human body drawn in chalk on the sidewalk where the murder took place.
10. The tiger's stripes provide camouflage by breaking up the [outline] of their bodies when hidden in tall grasses.
11. Around the year 1514, Copernicus [outlined] his theory that the sun is the center of the universe.
12. In February of 1920, Adolf Hitler, spokesman for an extremist political group in Germany, [outlined] the organization's program to create a Third German Reich.
13. In October of 1939, a group of scientists, including Albert Einstein, [outlined] to President Franklin Roosevelt the possibilities of developing an atomic bomb.
14. I will [outline] the key points of our new company policy at tomorrow's staff meeting.
15. In November of 1941, less than a month before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Prime Minister General Tojo [outlined] a three-point plan he said was aimed at peace in East Asia.
16. In 1848, over 200 women and men met in New York to draft a "bill of rights" [outlining] the social, civil, and religious rights of women.
17. The report [outlines] the economic benefits of bicycling and walking as alternative modes of transportation.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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